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Timothy working in the studio at Fox 5 News, Atlanta
1996 Summer Olympics - Closing Ceremony
John Smoltz & Javier Lopez, TV commercial for Jim Ellis Mazda
Timothy Dwelle and Vince Dooley
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Celebrating 30 years as a Camera Operator! 1983-2013
This was one of my first shoots...
  2004-2006 Fox 5 News, Atlanta GA
NBC Sports -"Behind The Scenes"
1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta GA
For Media Consultants, Atlanta GA
Camera Operator for Kroger corporate
with Vince Dooley (UGA) 1990
For Media Consultants, Atlanta GA
TV Commercial shoot for Jim Ellis Mazda, 1996
with John Smoltz and Javier Lopez, Atlanta Braves
Camera Operator for TV station sales promos
'Halloween Thriller' with Vincent Price
Hollywood CA, April 17, 1984
For Henderson/Crowe Productions, Atlanta GA
Atlanta GA    (404)939-2464
Timothy and the Cammate at Fox 5 News
Vincent Price
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Timothy and the CamMate at Fox 5 News
Music Video 101 Promo Photo, 1994
Timothy Dwelle in Hollywood, 1984
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Timothy Dwelle
Atlanta GA    (404)939-2464
Timothy Dwelle in downtown Atlanta GA
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