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YouTube and Google Video have changed the video entertainment landscape. Create your own video production, upload it to their services, and it's there for the whole world to see, for free! In 1986, I wrote about "Desktop Video being just one wave of the future" in the original Music Video 101. That was almost an understatement.

Most home camcorders are now digital, and it's easy to transfer footage to your PC by using a Firewire cable. When researching a camcorder or video editing program to buy, it's a great idea to go to Amazon.com and do a search for the product. Their customer reviews are priceless. I know of one editing program that was released in 2006 to much fanfare, but it turned out to be a disaster.

Recommended Reading

Videomaker magazine - A goodmagazine for home camcorder users and Industrial video production.Single issues may be found at major book and grocery stores.

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The One Minute Sales Person by Spencer Johnson, M.D.
(We’re all sales people, in one way or another.)

Cool Music Video Production Links:

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Color Bars
Color Bars

Other Music Video Production Books

You Stand There: Making Music Video - Paperback, 192 pages; Publisher: Random House (November 1997). Used and new, from $16, at Amazon.com - In this book, you'll learn every step needed to create a music video, from conception to budgets to the final editing. Each stage of the production process is illuminated by interviews with the industry's best-known video directors (including Spike Jonze, Kevin Kerslake, and Jesse Peretz), producers, technicians, recording artists, label executives, and music network programmers. In addition, dozens of sidebar notes define the terms, crew functions, equipment, supplies, and other information. Perhaps the ultimate how-to guide--a plugged-in, behind-the-scenes, been-there-done-that look at the world of music video, with nitty-gritty information about making low-budget videos. Each stage of the production process is illuminated by interviews with the industry's best-known video crew members. 50 photos. Click the link below to find out more, and order it from Amazon.com!

You Stand There: Making Music Video


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