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2020 Update: Music Video 101 (broadcast TV version) was first desktop-published in 1986, and the Home Camcorder Production edition was released in 1993. Big changes since then, as everything has gone digital, so disregard the parts about videotape. MV101 is now available for FREE as a PDF download. (You'll need a PDF reader app to view it.)

In the first version of Music Video 101, I wrote about Desktop Video being "just one wave of the future". What an understatement!

Click here to open and save a copy of Music Video 101 (PDF file)

Music Video 101 was featured in the New Products/Updates section of the November 1994 issue of Video Toaster User computer magazine. It was listed in the November 1994 issue of the Vertical File Index (H.W. Wilson Company, Bronx NY) which goes out to libraries nationwide.

Music Video 101 was originally a broadcast TV version, published in 1986. It was written about in USA Today (Today's Tip-Off, Life section, 10/2/86), and Billboard magazine (9/13/86). And condensed excerpts appeared in the May/June 1988 issue of Videomaker magazine.

USA Today - October 2, 1986

Here's what they had to say about Music Video 101:

"MUSIC VIDEO 101 is the best how-to manual that anyone making videos can use." - Anne Leighton, Managing Editor, Hit Parader magazine, June 1994 issue. Video View column, Page 114

"A how-to manual for beginners and anyone looking to produce a demo-quality video, Music Video 101 is basic but thorough, and as user-friendly as any aspiring videomaker could want." - Lorena Alexander, Executive Editor, Guitar magazine, February 1995 issue. Street Noise Column, Page 12.

"Aspiring video makers seeking a production primer may want to explore 'Music Video 101- Home Camcorder Production'..." - Deborah Russell, Music Video Editor, Billboard magazine, April 30, 1994 issue. The Eye Column, Page 50.

Dwelle is a former music video Class Projects instructor for the Music Business Institute in Atlanta GA (1984-85). He graduated from MBI in April 1981. (MBI was purchased by The Art Institutes.)

MUSIC VIDEO 101 includes:

Chapter 1: THE LEAST EXPENSIVE METHOD - The Difference Between Film And Video; Major Music Video Costs; Home Camcorder Connection; The 7 Requirements For The Least Expensive Method; Camcorder Audio Input; Rental Options; Earphone Jack; Pickup Tubes; Fade Options; Credits; Auto/Manual Focus Control; Zoom; Iris Control; Care Of Tape Stock; Hand-Held And Tripod Camcorder Operation; Static Shot; Camera Moves; Pan And Tilt; Practice Tips; Shaky Cam; Lighting; Auto/Manual White Balance; Shoot Location Options; Instrument/Lip Sync Practice Tips For Performers; Clothing; Master Audio; Audio Playback; Special Audio Cables; Two Options For Shooting The Least Expensive Music Video Without Editing; Producer And Director Defined.

Chapter 2: PRE-PRODUCTION PLANNING FOR SHOOTING AND EDITING - How To Find An Editing Facility; The Easiest Approach; Editing Visuals In Sync With Vocals And Music; "Source Footage" And "Take" Defined; Reference Audio; Audio For Scenes Before And/Or After The Song; Stereo Master Audio; Countdown; Reference Audio Playback; Audio Playback Operator; Production Assistants; Extras; More Shoot Locations; Extra Lighting; Camera Mounts; Snap Zoom; Lens Filters; Phrases A Director Uses During A Shoot; Continuity; Renting An Industrial Camcorder; Cable TV Public Access Option; Equipment Photos; Diagram For Taping A Choir Performance.

Chapter 3: SCRIPTWRITING AND STORYBOARDS - Beat Sheet Storyboard; Blank Beat Sheet Form; Shot Descriptions; Scene Descriptions; Camera Angles; Cut; Fade; Headroom; Take; Cutaway Shots; Overhead Maps For Shooting; Planning Shots; Beat Sheet Example; Take Sheet; Slate; After The Shoot; Checklist For The Shoot; Blank Take Sheet Form.

Chapter 4: BASIC EDITING - Video-Only Insert Edits; Cuts-Only Editing; Frames Per Second (FPS); Control Track; Crystal Black; Slate; Credits; Elements Appearing On The Master Videotape; Audio-Only Insert Edit; Safety Master; Video-Only Insert Edit; In Point; Preroll; Editing With The Cuts- Only System; Equipment Photos; Pausing A VCR; Freeze-Frame; Editing Random Shots Without Syncing Visuals To Vocals And Music; Editing In Sync With Vocals And Music; Digital Displays On The Edit Controller; Programming The In Points and Out Points; Preview; VCR Slipping; Editing Off The Downbeat; Making The First Edit In Sync With Vocals And Music; Fading From Black; Time Estimates; Editing Checklist; Computer Special Effects; The Least Expensive Broadcast Editing Options; "Ballpark" Cost Estimates; Tape Stock; Dissolve; A/B Roll; Mix; Time Code; Recommended Reading.

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