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Timothy at Fox 5 News
NBC broadcast booth, Closing Ceremony, 1996 Olympics
Closing Ceremony, NBC booth with Bob Costas
Men's Gold medal basketball game, 1996 Olympics
NBC's 'Today' show, 1996 Olympics
Hand-held Camera Operator, WCW Wrestling 1993
Camera Operator for Media Consultants/Jim Ellis Mazda
'CNN Presents' at WB36 Studio
Rumble Tonight from Bombay
Storm Inside My Head by Fortnox (Epic Records)
Camera Operator, Super Bowl Channel, SportSouth 1994
Camera Operator for the NFL's Super Bowl Channel on the
SportSouth cable network, January 26-30, 1994
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta GA
Camera Operator for La Toya Jackson's 'Step Up Work Out' video
Camera Operator (1 of 5) for La Toya Jackson's Step Up Work Out video
April 1993, for WATL Fox 36 Atlanta
Special thanks to Leonard Mason and Doug Furce
Video Assist Operator for PMC Pictures (NewYork) and Spoon, Inc. (Tokyo)
On location in Bermuda, Nov. 23 - Dec. 2, 1991
TV Commercial shoot for Kose Cosmetics, Japan
Camera Operator, with Katherine Williams, Field Producer for "A Current Affair"
January 1990, For Video Tape Associates, Atlanta GA
For Media Consultants, Atlanta. Camera Operator, for Kroger corporate
with Vince Dooley (UGA Athletics Director), 1990
Audio Mixer for a TV commercial shoot with Aerosmith
April 1988, for Video Tape Associates, Atlanta GA
Special thanks to Mark Carter, Jared Neff and Pat Boatenreiter of WEA Atlanta
Camera Operator for TV station sales promos for Halloween Thriller
with Vincent Price. On location in Hollywood CA, April 17, 1984
For Henderson/Crowe Productions, Atlanta GA
Part-time Studio Camera Operator, CamMate & Teleprompter
Fox 5 News, Atlanta GA
November 2004 - October 2006
For NBC Sports - 'Behind The Scenes'
1996 Summer Olympics. July 18 - August 4, Atlanta GA
'Behind The Scenes' featured NBC Sports employees
at work. Special thanks to Diane Keith, Tom McShane,
Lisa Arbuckle, Dave Mazza, Dick Ebersol.
Camcorder: Panasonic EZ-1 Mini-DV 3-Chip
Timothy and the CamMate at Fox 5 News
Hand-Held Camera Operator (lower right of photos)
WCW - World Championship Wrestling
Clash Of The Champions, live on TBS from The Citadel, 1993
Special thanks to Scott Marks and Ron Sutton
'Stunning Steve' Austin
Now known as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
For Media Consultants, Atlanta. TV Commercial shoot for Jim Ellis Mazda
with John Smoltz and Javier Lopez of the Atlanta Braves, 1996
Special thanks to Art Scott
For WATL WB36 Studio - CNN Presents
Lighting and occasional Camera Operator, 1996-1997
Special thanks to Leonard Mason, Doug Furce,
Mike Haley (Director) and Davis James (Lighting Director)
Scriptwriter, Producer, Director and Co-Editor for
'Rumble Tonight' by Bombay
Camera Operator (1 of 2) and Associate Producer for 'Storm Inside My Head'
by Fortnox (Epic Records). For Group 7 Productions, Atlanta GA
MTV 'Light' rotation, January 1983
8 TV Commercials for WEA Atlanta
Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Records, 1984-86
My Credits
Indoor ring, Willowbrook Equestrian Center
Indoor ring, Willowbrook Equestrian Center
Cycling, 1996 Olympics
Lighting, 'CNN Presents'
Timothy and the CamMate at Fox 5 News
Timothy Dwelle
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Music Video 101 promo photo, 1994
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Timothy Dwelle in Hollywood, 1984
Timothy Dwelle
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Music Video 101
Music Video 101 promo photo, 1994
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